Wedding Bells Part 3 : Wedding day

Saturday, the big day had arrived….arrived with morning thunder and a wall of rain. None of us were surprised I have to say, even mom didn’t let it get her down.  I think she even mentioned something about decorating that ark with wedding hoopla. Thankfully, the rain did slack off enough for us to make it to the house where the wedding was going to be held.


There would be no rose garden wedding, but the sweet lady who owned the house fixed it up rather lovely. It looked like the inside of a cozy English cottage.

There was much laughter and shedding a tear or two as I helped my mom get ready for her wedding. Almost 4 years ago she was helping me with mine. The ceremony was sweet and simple, just the way they wanted it to be.

Afterwards we ate and gathered as a family, some new but now family and just as important and just as loved.


The cupcakes were a huge hit. We had to hurry and take the picture before they are all gone, which seriously if you had blinked they would have been.


The cake for the bride and groom was beautiful as well, and tasty too I might add. Good thing we had non sugary foods to combat the sugar coma.

At the end of the day, looking back we all agreed that it couldn’t have gone any better. Mom was happy and starting a new, much deserved happy journey of her  life. I have to say I’m so thankful to be apart of it.

And no one has to know about the cupcakes me, hubby and my godmother smuggled out for later. *whistles softly as the lights fade*



Wedding Bells Part 2

So the wedding day is only a week away and we have pretty much wrapped up all the plotting and planning. The perfect dress has been bought. yes, there was much squealing, ooo -ing and awww-ing. No, I didn’t take a picture of the dress because the bride has to have some surprises left.

The food has been taken care of, well what we can do until the day before. The wedding favors for all the guests have been packed..which of course are over at my godmothers and wouldn’t you know it, I was going to take a nice picture of them but of course who would forget her camera….yep that’s me. Picture if you will cute little clear plastic boxes shaped like umbrellas for the guests and one in the shape of a wedding dress and suit for the bride and groom. Inside those cute little boxes are delicious chocolate candies. Yes, I know what you are thinking…umbrellas? for wedding favors? For the past 2 months it has pretty much rained every day. So much so that trees have been uprooted, lakes have been over flowing and well…this pretty much  says it all…


So when we saw the umbrella boxes we thought how cute and appropriate. What can I say, we all have a sense of humor, wedding guests included.  We are, however, keeping our fingers crossed that maybe the day of the wedding will be rain free. At least for a few hours because the wedding is supposed to be held in a very lovely garden adorned all in tea roses.


But if the rain continues, we will make it just as lovely indoors.

I guess that means we might have more planing to do.