Wedding Bells Part 1

After almost nine years of my dad’s passing, my mom is getting remarried. I’m so thrilled that she has finally found someone special a second time. 



She decided she wants a small July wedding, so the race has been on for me and my God-Mother to put this together for them. I think we have hit up every decoration, hobby and food store in town.

She really didn’t want anything lavish as far as decorations or food is concerned. One thing we came up with, was to have cupcakes for the guests and a small cake just for the two of them to cut into. Besides, who doesn’t love cupcakes. I knew there was one place that had the best cupcakes in town…..


The Chocolate Moose.

These cupcakes are swooon worthy. What could be better than salted caramel chocolate, red velvet, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla. Now hopefully we can just get everyone to eat just one.

Now I want a cupcake.


Kindle Vs. Books

My mom and hubby both have kindles. Hubby upgraded to a Kindlefire and loves it. I have to admit, being able to get onto the internet and not leave my couch when you don’t have a laptop is nice at times. (That’s me being lazy not him)He loves his and it is nice. I got his kindle touch and that is nice as well, though I have to admit, I’ve had it since Christmas and I have only read 3 books from it. Yep, that’s it. I’m still reading from the good old fashioned page turning, physical books….since when did books become old fashioned?

Kindles do have their advantage, like for instance they are light weight and easy to carry. yes, I could have knocked someone out with the City of Bones book I was carrying around. Seriously, that sucker is pretty big.

Kindles are nice to pack on trips because they take up less space in a suitcase. Let’s face it, if you are a woman you need all the space you can get when packing a suitcase. But, for me, there is nothing better than being able to hold an actual book. Books do not freeze or take you all the way back to page number 8 when you were on page 37. You can’t break it when you throw it halfway across the room after hearing a thump outside when it’s 2am and you are still up reading the latest by David Wellington.

Lastly, and this might sound a little crazy, but there is nothing better than the smell of a book store….ok maybe the smell of coffee brewing or a lasagna cooking in the oven, but you get my meaning. And no, I don’t walk into a book store and look like a dog who has his head hanging out the window sniffing the breeze. At least, I hope I don’t. Hmmm….

So, I will keep my kindle, but I think for now anyway, I will stick to mainly reading an actual book.

Kicking off the Dust

It’s been awhile since I last posted here. My, where has the time gone. What have hubby and I been up to since then? Well, pretty much the same. We still have our bi-polar fur baby.


We are still in full debates about Southern sayings Vs. Northern ways, for instance I say supper he says dinner. No, hubby still hasn’t become Southnernized enough to say ya’ll….but I’m still working on it. I started a food blog and hubby and friends started a blog of their own as well. But as I’m still kicking off the dust in here, I will try and post more and see where the journey takes us. 

Fish don’t fry in the kitchen; Beans don’t burn on the grill.

Cooking. To some it’s a chore, a necessity. We all have to eat right? For me, I love cooking. Don’t get me wrong there are many times I would rather throw something frozen into the oven and be done with it. But most times, I love to cook something homemade. It relaxes me and knowing that I’ve made something that my family likes…well…makes me happy. Who cares if it looks like there was a small explosion in the kitchen after I’m done. What can I say, I’m a messy cook….it’s worth it. But there is something about cooking with the ones you love, especially your hubby, girlfriend, significant other…Like for instance, Jose will have a great idea for dinner, so we make it together. Yep, there’s food everywhere, and it may not always come out picture pretty, but laughing and being  side by side with my hubby…then later kicking back and tasting the end result…well for me that’s the best.

Now if only we had someone to clean up afterwards and how did that get up there……

Spanking New Blog

As Jose  pointed out, since MySpace is pretty much dead, I thought since my yankee could start a new blog, I could too….well that and so I could defend myself if he posted about my Southern ways…not that I have any thing to defend *kicks book on how to keep your Yankee captive under sofa*. So welcome to my blog. Some posts might be funny, informative, rambling or you just plain don’t understand…but hey, it’s my blog and I can post it if I want to. 😛