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The Rocking Chair

When I was a little girl, I would often go spend the weekend with my grandmother. She had two rocking chairs in her bedroom that sat side by side. One was your average adult size chair. The other was smaller, not kid size exactly, but a little bigger. I know, it sounds a little Goldilock-ish. I kinda felt like Goldilocks, because the smaller size chair was just right for me.I don’t think anyone knew for sure where my grandmother had gotten the chair, but it was always assumed that it had been passed down from my great grandmother.So to me, I felt extra special sitting in it.

We had a lot of great times while sitting in those chairs together, reading the latest Garfield book she had bought me ( I was a Garfield fanatic, yep even had Garfield sheets, lunch box and I must confess….a Garfield phone when I was older), playing with my dolls and watching our favorite tv shows together.

I know what you are thinking, did you and your grandmother ever go out of the house? Did you just spend all of your time sitting in chairs?

The answer is, no of course not. We did all kinds of other things together, but that could be for a future story post.

When my grandmother passed away several years ago, one of the things she wanted me to have was, you guessed it…the rocking chair.

At the time I had no place to keep it, so my mom kept it for me at her house. Sadly, the chair was so old that is was starting to fall apart. Then one day my step dad came to the house and said he had a present that his brother had made for me.

He pulled out this cool looking jewlery holder, but it wasn’t just any wooden jewlery holder. It was from my grandmother’s rocking chair…my rocking chair.

You see, his brother was a master at making things out of wood. My mom and step dad told him about the chair. He found away to turn it into something that I could use and have close by that would still hold all those memories from long ago.


Thank you Aubry! Words can not express!


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