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It’s a Shiny Wee Christmas Tree Charlie Brown

Back when hubby and I were dating, he still lived in Massachusetts and I lived here in the South. We would fly back and forth to see each other as often as we could, which was about every few months or so. One year I went up there to spend Thanksgiving with him, his mom and friends. Knowing that Christmas was right around the corner, but we would not be together then, we decided to make this holiday a Thanksgiving with a twist of Christmas.

We were actually planing on our Thanksgiving dinner the day after, because not everyone was going to be able to be together on the actual day. It didn’t matter that it was going to be a day late. What was important was just being able to be together with family and friends. So on Thanksgiving day, of course everything was closed, but this one little convenience store. So we got two little Digiorno pizzas for dinner. As we sat down to dine on our pizzas, he pulls out this little Christmas tree. It’s all colorful and shiny. He said he wanted to find a traditional miniature tree but couldn’t find one. He did, however find this one where he worked. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Not just because it was small and shiny, but because he really wanted to make this day for us special.

Now, 4 years later we have had several Thanksgivings and Christmas spent together in our own home. Yes, that little tree had been packed in a suitcase, flown back to the South, tucked in closet until we pull it out each year. The shiny isn’t so shiny anymore and some of the branches droop, but to me, it will always be special because it reminds me of our first Thanksgiving together….with a twist of Christmas.


Now, as I stood over that tree trying my best to take a picture for this post, pondering on that sentimental day those years ago, what do I see as I snap the first picture…..our cat who has jumped onto the table and tries to drag the tree for a play toy. This picture kinda reminded me of when Godzilla decimated a small town.


Happy Holidays to you all. May your holiday be filled with shiny, sentimental joy.


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