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Wedding Bells Part 1

After almost nine years of my dad’s passing, my mom is getting remarried. I’m so thrilled that she has finally found someone special a second time. 



She decided she wants a small July wedding, so the race has been on for me and my God-Mother to put this together for them. I think we have hit up every decoration, hobby and food store in town.

She really didn’t want anything lavish as far as decorations or food is concerned. One thing we came up with, was to have cupcakes for the guests and a small cake just for the two of them to cut into. Besides, who doesn’t love cupcakes. I knew there was one place that had the best cupcakes in town…..


The Chocolate Moose.

These cupcakes are swooon worthy. What could be better than salted caramel chocolate, red velvet, chocolate peanut butter and vanilla. Now hopefully we can just get everyone to eat just one.

Now I want a cupcake.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells Part 1

  1. How wonderful. Wish your mum a wonderful wedding. Hope they live happily ever after. Thanks for visiting my blog and wish you a wonderful week!!

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