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Spanking New Blog

As Jose  pointed out, since MySpace is pretty much dead, I thought since my yankee could start a new blog, I could too….well that and so I could defend myself if he posted about my Southern ways…not that I have any thing to defend *kicks book on how to keep your Yankee captive under sofa*. So welcome to my blog. Some posts might be funny, informative, rambling or you just plain don’t understand…but hey, it’s my blog and I can post it if I want to. 😛


8 thoughts on “Spanking New Blog

  1. zzzzzz…*snort*TELETUBBIES!!…err, whuh?? Uhhh, heck no! Not sleeping!
    Oh, hell… I think Dipsy ran off with my popcorn…

  2. *EEEK* That scary vaccuum thingy?!
    I’m not sure how Ali is going to feel about being confused with the scary teletubby vaccuum dog thing, but I think I’ll hide behind you until I find out…

    PS: Dipsy was the dumb green tubby that wore a zebra striped hat and posed like a rapper.

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